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ICM is always striving to give its clients access to different asset classes to diversify their investment portfolio. The stock market is pivotal for investors, where they can explore a variety of investment opportunities in a diversity of sectors. ICM Securities is a platform that will give you access to several stock markets around the world with assorted sectors.

Our securities platform will enable you to invest in a range of companies in the United States, Europe, and Arab countries, gaining your shareholder's rights, such as earning dividends. However, similar to any other financial product, trading securities carries significant risk.  

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ICM Securities grants you access to the top two stock exchanges in the world in terms of market capitalization: the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Market, where thousands of companies are listed, giving you the opportunity to select the companies that suit your criteria.

To diversify your portfolio, we offer access to the London Stock Exchange, one of the oldest stock exchanges in the world, smoothing your investments in more than a thousand reputable companies.

Moreover, stock markets in the Arab region play a significant role in creating opportunities for investors interested in emerging markets. ICM Securities has a comprehensive selection of Mena region exchanges available including the Dubai Financial Market (DFM), NASDAQ Dubai, Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange (ADX), Boursa Kuwait, Muscat Securities Market (MSM) and many more.

ICM Securities is home to many investors looking to have a diversified portfolio by area, sector, and company size.


ICM Securities

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Trade international stocks and gain shareholder rights

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Which Markets Can You Trade?

Region Market
MENA ADX - Abu Dhabi Exchange
  DFM - Dubai Financial Market
  BSE - Bahrain Bourse
  CASE - The Egyptian Exchange
  ASE - Amman Stock Exchange
  MSM - Muscat Securities Market
  DSM - Qatar Exchange
  BK - Boursa Kuwait
Europe CHIX - Chi-X Europe
  LSE - London Stock Exchange – Domestic
  GBLSEI – London Stock Exchange – International
America AMEX - NYSE American
  NYSE - New York Stock Exchange
  NSDQ – Nasdaq
  NSDQBB – OTC Markets
  NSDQOT – OTC Markets
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Securities Contract Specifications

Country Currency Min. Commission Variable (%) Fees
Abu Dhabi Exchange AED 78.75 0.2825 10.50 AED (1)
VAT Applies
Dubai Financial Market AED 78.75 0.2825 10.50 AED (1)
VAT Applies
NASDAQ Dubai USD 30 0.28 VAT Applies
Boursa Kuwait KWD 3.5 0.2 KWD 7.000 per Execution (2)

KWD 0.500 per Fill (3)
Qatar Exchange QAR 75 0.275 VAT Applies
Muscat Securities Market OMR 5 0.4 -
Bahrain Bourse BHD 6 0.2 VAT Applies
Egypt CASE EGP 50 0.4

0.1% (10 bps) Tax (4)
10% Capital Gain Tax (5)

Amman Stock Exchange JOD 5 0.5 Tax of 8 bps
London Stock Exchange Domestic/international LSE/GBSEI GBP 30 0.15 Safe Custody 5 bps (6)
BATS Chi-X Europe EUR 20 0.5 Safe Custody 5 bps (7)
US Equity
USD 12.5 USD -

12.5 USD or 6 bps (8)

7.5 Bps (9)

- - Trading Activity Fee (TAF) (10)


(1) Additional fees to be collected by the market from both the seller and the buyer on each order executed in one trading session.
(2) Collected by the Custodian.
(3) Collected by the Exchange. 15pb Safe Custody Fees per annum will be applicable.
(4) Tax to be collected by the market
(5) To be collected by market on the Profits made after 30th June 2014.
(6) Transaction Custody fees 20 USD. Stamp Duty - Stamp duty and SDRT have been charged at a rate of 0.5% of the consideration for the transfer of shares (in the case of stamp duty, rounded up to the nearest £5). PMT levy charges automatically imposed on investors, and collected by their brokers, when they sell or buy shares with an aggregate value in excess of £10,000. The charge is £1.
(7) Transaction Custody fees 30 USD
(8) For tickets below 200,000 USD, commission is 12.5 USD or 6 bps whichever is higher
(9) For Tickets above or equal to 200,000 USD, Commission is 7.5 Bps
(10) Trading Activity Fee (TAF):

  • For sell side trades less than 50,000 shares, client is charged $0.000119 per share.
  • For sell trades greater than 50,000 shares, clients are charged $5.95 per trade.
  • The regulatory body for the US exchanges, The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), charges an additional fee of $23.10 per million dollars.
  • Block Fees – For all shares traded above the quantity of 25,000 and valued at $10 a share, client is charged $0.00175 per share.

Live Data Feed

Exchange Country Currency Retail* price (Individuals) Pro** price (Companies)
EGX (Level 1) Egypt EGP 200 200
EGX (Level 2) Egypt EGP 300 300
LSE (Level 1) UK GBP 5.5 5.5
(London International) (Level 1)
UK GBP 3.05 3.05
FTSE UK GBP 4.7 Not Available
Borsa Kuwait Level 1 Kuwait KWD 3 4
Borsa Kuwait Full Order Book Kuwait KWD 4 6
QE (level 1) Qatar USD 2 14
QE (Level 2) Qatar USD 6 22.5
DFM (level 1) U.A.E USD 6.25 11.95
DFM (Level 2) U.A.E USD 8.35 18.48
Nasdaq Dubai (Level 1) U.A.E USD 1.9 6.25
Nasdaq Dubai (Level 2) U.A.E USD 1.9 9.4
ADX (Level 1) U.A.E USD 6.25 12.15
ADX (Level 2) U.A.E USD 8.35 18.35
MSM (Level 1) Oman USD 2.5 7.9
MSM (Level 2) Oman USD 4.6 11.4
BSE (Level 1) Bahrain BHD 6.5 12
BSE (Level 2) Bahrain BHD 6.5 12
ASE (Level 1) Jordan USD 5.5 25.3
ASE (Level 2) Jordan USD 5.5 25.3
OTC Markets (Pink Sheets) (Level 1) USA USD 7 40
NYSE (Level 1) USA USD 1.9 50.5
NASDAQ (Level 1) USA USD 1.9 27.5
NASDAQ (Level 2) USA USD 1.9 27.5
Amex (Level 1) USA USD 1.9 28.3
Amex (Level 2) USA USD 1.9 28.3
DJI (index) USA USD 1 2
CHI-X (Level 1) USA USD 2.44 30.6
CHI-X (Level 2) USA USD 2.44 30.6


* Retail Investor: Private individuals who don’t fall in the “Professional Investor” class based on the definition stated below.
** Professional Investor: All of the following are considered Professionals; all companies or individuals who manage other people’s money or investment advisors or employees of any financial institution.
*** Level 1 market data: Provides the following trading quotes & information; Bid, Ask, Last, Open, High, Low, Close, Change & Volume.
**** Level 2 market data: Also represents Market Depth or Order Book Depth and provides all of the above plus other multiple layers of additional quotes and sizes posted by market participants outside of the Level 1 Bid & Ask. Note: Prices stated above are related to the exchange feeds only without including the fees of the trading platforms.

Live Data Feed

This product is available under ICM Capital (Mauritius) Limited only.

Risk Warning:

"Your capital is at risk"
The value of investments and shares can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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